DAV Orient Gyan Mandir

Orient Cement Ltd. (C.K.Birla Group) under the aegis of DAV CMC, New Delhi

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With a dream to be pioneer in the field of education in the nearby areas, DAV Orient Gyan Mandir was established in June 2018 by Orient Cement Ltd. (C.K.Birla Group) under the aegis of DAV CMC, New Delhi. The school is open for the wards of Orient cement ltd. employees and for the nearby village population, as a part of  CSR initiatives of Orient Cement Ltd. As the name suggests, it’s a temple of knowledge for the people of this rural area where children are attending school as the first generation from many families. The school aims to provide effective teaching and learning situations, which help students to develop 4C’s creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills to prove themselves the best one in the areas of problem solving and ethical behaviour. We equip our students with a set of qualities which will help them to be a human with empathy and sympathy and a true patriot.Its academic building is a home to all facilities needed for the proper growth and development of a child. It is delivering excellent academic and co-curricular education with a strong emphasis on values and life skills development. The academic activities engage students in bringing learning to life with their curiosity and explorations whereas the library provides students with opportunities to access information to continue lifelong learning. The installations of smart boards in each classroom allow the teachers and students to use resources and to develop the learning modules as they go along.  The computer labs and the science laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and provide hands-on learning experiences to the young scientists.The facilities of learning art and music help students to come out with their love for the same and excel in that area too. Yoga has become a part of each student in the school. Students enjoy various games and sports in the vast area provided for it in the school. The school creates a vibrant environment by conducting various competitions.  The school encourages an effective Parent Teacher Communication which gives the teachers an insight into the child's strengths, interests, needs and areas of concern.We prioritise safety and security of each child so; school is installed with CCTV camera covering the entire school premises including classrooms. Sufficient number of fire extinguishers is available at various places in the school. At DAV Orient Gyan Mandir, we realize that an interruption of education for students can impact their learning at a crucial age and stage. This is why, we, at DAV Orient Gyan Mandir, are conducting online classes after the outbreak of Covid -19, where students and teachers interact with each other and each day brings a new learning experience for both.

School Affiliation Number: 831149

School Code: 46781

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DAV Orient Gyan Mandir Orient Cement Ltd.
(C.K.Birla Group) under the aegis of
DAV CMC, New Delhi
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